About Us

Who We are?

We have been in the travel business for More a than a decade. We have been working with travelers from all over the world. Especially from Europe and Middle East and many countries from Asia. We work with many reputed hotels in sri lanka. We do work also with Africa and Maldives and many other Asian Countries. We operate from the beautiful cultural city of Kandy.

What we do

Our goal is to represent the wonderful island of sri lanka on its absolute nature for all sort of travelers from all corners of the globe. We will be providing exclusive cultural, business, wild life and medical and Spiritual Adventures all around Sri lanka. We are able to Arrange Tours according to individual’s request. We will be providing from Luxury hotels to budget hotels and Home stays and Back packers Lodges and more. As for the travelers liking we provide services to the best.

We also provide special Student and educational and volunteer service Packages for their Academic advantages. We will be providing home stays and other accommodations accordingly to the student’s cultural background. Special Interactions with Local communities and institutions will be set for the student traveler.

We will be providing you with emergency Telephone number in case needed. All suggestions and ideas are most welcome to enhance our services for the traveler.

We have registered our organization under Sri Lanka Tourism Authority. Our Staff persons are well trained and qualified in hospitality industries.

We are waiting to welcome you to the beautiful island of Sri lanka.

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